Technology Uncorked’s journey of building something from nothing has been nothing short of unique.  It has been a truest example of power of collaboration. It is not just the story of a bunch of techies who chucked their high flying corporate careers and decided to turn entrepreneurs to bring their vision to the world. It is also a story of ten thousand students across the country who pitched in over the years to contribute and share unique use-cases and pain points. It is also the story of over two thousand customers who believed in us and bought our products in spite of Technology Uncorked being an unknown brand. It is also the story of organizations like Ah! Ventures and few others who decided to become our pillar of strength few months back and coached our lean team of 6 who ate, drank and dreamt technology in the art of fund raising to achieve scale. And finally, it is also a story of an Indian woman techie who dared to dream of founding a product start-up and taking it to meet the sky.

We are ready for our next leap

We are now looking up to you to become part of our story of achieving scale and growth.

Technology Uncorked is driven by a dream – a dream of building a world where machines talk to each other and the environment around, take intelligent decisions to make the world a better place – a world which is more secure, safe and comfortable, a world which minimizes wastage and unnecessary consumption and we as humans are allowed to be at our productive and creative best because our decisions get driven by real data.

Become part of our dream by investing and contributing to that dream. Help a deep tech start-up from India to touch and impact millions of lives. Write to me at and I’ll be more than happy to share our vision of growth with you.


Invest in TU

Technology Uncorked is recognized and awarded by Microsoft for the innovations in IoT . Gets access to Microsoft developer community, tools and go to market partnership in its up scaling journey.

Invest in TU

Technology Uncorked gets chosen to be one of the top 15 women led technology start-ups in India. Gets selected as one of the six winners of INR 1 crore seed fund.

Invest in TU

MDI & Richard Ivey Business School jointly conduct a case study on the unique and innovative business model of Technology Uncorked.

Invest in TU

Technology Uncorked gets chosen as the top 5 finalists for Startup TelAviv 2016

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