Technology Uncorked is a community of innovators, developers, dreamers and creators. We believe that technology gives power in your hands to innovate and change the way world lives, interacts and responds. We would like to transform millions of dreams of creating a new piece of gizmo, gadget or toy and help bring them into existence in the world.

So, here is how to leverage Technology Uncorked's innovation eco-system:

Ideation Engine

Get started with your project on the Ideation Engine by submitting your idea, the phase you are in and let us know how can we help you. We'll pull in the resources right from developers, subject matter experts, technical blogs, trainings, project supplies, technical labs and an easily accessible manufacturing eco-system to help bring your idea to life and into existence for the world to use it.

Learn Crankshaft

Take trainings if you would rather prefer to be a technical contributor either on a project from Ideation Engine or anywhere else or maybe you are just a seeker for knowledge and skills. Be part of various Online & Offline Hands-on Workshops, spend hours tinkering with various kits as you build pieces of hardware and software as you learn.

Tech Shop

Get access to project supplies like components, tools, accessories, and rapid prototyping kits from wherever and anywhere. Here you will also find lot of free resources like CAD models, pieces of software code, videos, 'how to' tutorials, datasheets and application notes - all stuff that you can use in your project.