Technology Uncorked is a community of innovators, developers, dreamers and creators. We believe that technology gives power in your hands to innovate and change the way world lives, interacts and responds. We would like to transform millions of dreams of creating a new piece of gizmo, gadget or toy and help bring them into existence in the world.

So, here is how to leverage Technology Uncorked's innovation eco-system:


Use our IOT products and framework to transform your premises to Smart and Intelligent Spaces. Designed to enhance your living experience,let our products take care of the boring,daily chores for you as you spend time with your friends, family and loved ones or follow your passion.

Ideation Engine

Would like to IoT Enable your existing device or appliance? Or you have a great IoT application in mind? Get started with your project on the Ideation Engine by submitting your project details. We'll help you integrate your project on the TUkutumb IoT Framework to help transform your appliance and make it Smart, Connected and Accessible through Phone.

Learn Crankshaft

During our start-up journey our experts had to develop several trainings to train our team of young innovators who contributed on our projects. We open those trainings to innovators and engineering students at large twice a year. Take trainings and use our experience to build your own. Be part of our Hands-on Workshops and spend hours tinkering as you build product PoCs as you learn.

Tech Shop

Get access to project supplies like components, tools, accessories, and rapid prototyping kits from wherever and anywhere. Here you will also find lot of free resources like CAD models, pieces of software code, videos, 'how to' tutorials, datasheets and application notes - all stuff that you can use in your project.